HTC! You’re really disappointing me! :(

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This really makes me mad! Totally disappointed by HTC! They replaced a ‘yellowish’ + ‘a lot lower visibility-angle’ + ‘lousy resolution’ screen to me! And they claim that this is “NEW”! They said different batch of product will have different color and screen quality! Now only I know how HTC perceive their BRAND, PRODUCT, Q.C.. It is losing the market reputation soon if this keep going. Who on earth will have this so called “manufacturing QC tolerance” to this acceptance level? Keep reading…

The whole story begin at about 1 week plus ago, I found that my Touch Pro LCD screen (right bottom corner) start to peel-off, and my sliding keyboard gets wobble & starting not aligned with the phone (about 2mm) and phone gets overheat easily after 2 months of purchase. And all these issues have already disappointed me a lot, I never bought a phone that looks like that “fragile” before, and not to mention in an expensive cost! Come on, this is an Hi-End mobile phone, is a “PRO”! (they said)

So I immediately sent it back to SIS (HTC Malaysia Distributor) at Shah-Alam to repair (the only and only 1 service center, LowYat one has closed). After waiting about a week, they called me saying that they will need to replace the whole LCD to resolve the issue, as for the sliding keyboard they currently doesn’t have any stock so will need to wait after Chinese New Year, and as for the ‘overheat’ issue, is NOT resolve-able, it is “Normal” (WTF?). So I’ve no choice to ask to collect the phone 1st while waiting for the sliding keyboard stock.

After collected my device, I found that the phone has a gap in between the newly replaced LCD screen and the D-pad, and more terrifying is the new LCD screen looks really weird and unacceptable. So I asked them why the newly replaced LCD doesn’t look the same quality as what I have before? It looks yellowish like an old TV screen, and the colour is very dull? Besides, the resolution quality has also drop a lot.

ALOT! I recap here again, HTC claim Touch Diamond & Pro should have x4 times better resolution screen than others in the market, which is true if we are talking about my previous LCD screen and definitely not this one (which I compared with my wife’s Touch Dual & Ben’s 838Pro, theirs are a lot better!). This is a yellowish, colour desaturated, lousy in visibility-angle as you’ll just need to look at it from the side and you’ll find that it just like those old style 1st generation LCD monitor! You can even see the icon at the screen clearly!

And what the SIS servicing girl told me is, this is the ‘ORIGINAL’ new batch of Touch Pro LCD screen, with no lie and she brought up other samples of new Touch Pro to show me…

OMG! The new batches of new Touch Pro are ALL LIKE THAT?!! WTF!? What HTC is planning to do and doing? Are they just trying to focus only and dump money for quality for the 1st batch? (mine is the 1st batch and bought during the 1st week when they launch this Touch Pro at Malaysia)? Are they planning to cut the budget and ignore the quality for the following batch? Is HTC no more respecting and valuing their BRAND? QUALITY? REPUTATION!? What HTC is thinking?! Or consumers are all idiots?

Then, I told them if this is the case then I rather change back to my previous LCD screen but they said they can’t, because they’ve sent it for reporting and claim. I looked at that “innocent” SIS service girl, she said she can’t help anything else and asked me to write complain directly to HTC.

What?! So SIS is only responsible to SELL and EARN tons of MONEY$ but not responsible to do service after sales and help the buyers?! Really disappointed! With NO choice, so I just told them to fix the gap in between the LCD and D-pad ASAP.

And what make my day worst is when I collect my phone on the following afternoon, the heavy rain falls (a really heavyweight rain), and makes me totally wet! After running back to my car, with water drops from my face and my clothes, I was sitting quite a while with a broken heart in the car, I’m helpless, disappointed, and really feels like being cheated by HTC. I feel like I’m a IDIOT to made this decision to spend RM2900 to buy this HTC Touch Pro and not other brands… And further more, not to mentioned it is hundred over bucks more expensive that what they sold at US (which approx ±USD600-700).

After coming back to home, I wish I could search through the net and hopefully some software or registry or ROM tweak to save my broken Touch Pro and more terrifying things happen…

OMG! I’m not the only one! They are a lot of others from around the world having this problem, from US, UK, Sweden, bla… And HTC Touch Diamond has this issue as well since its launch during mid-year 2008, this problem has been exist for so long! I should have ‘googled’ it before I buy this phone! Damn!

But why? A question pops into my mind… Why HTC still selling this and not resolve yet? Or is it something unfair happen? Are they believe that ‘we’ – Malaysian consumers are much easier to “bully”? Malaysian consumer will just keep “diam-diam” (silent)? So they ‘throw’ all the ‘unwanted version’ to here?!?!?! I’m starting to doubt about HTC as a good brand…

I was thinking of making some comparison to share here, but I have only one Touch Pro, so below are some pictures from net that proves what I said with side-by-side comparison.

*PS: Trust me, if you can see it ‘live’ with your ‘real’ eyes, it is worst than what you’ll see in pictures below with your computer screen now.

(Left: 1st Generation | Right: After then…)

Windows screen comparison: Left is in white and normal.Right is yellowish and blurry. 

Picture screen comparison: Left is sharp, contrast and good in colour.Right is yellowish, colour is dull and picture is blurry.

Contrast comparison: Left is good. Right is really fade and foggy, dark is not dark enough and whitest are become yellowish off-white. And the whole screen is too bright to read! WTF!?

Visibility Angle comparison
(both with same brightness and backlight setting)

The one at bottom is 1st generation. The one on top is the generation ‘after-then’

The newer generation has a yellowish tinted, dull, foggy screen.

But the 1st generation has good visibility-angle like what they claim. Is clear!

It is not only me as victim here! HTC, what are you waiting for? If you can (and want), replace a good LCD screen back to me, else give me back my RM2900 bucks!

Or else, see you in “GLOBAL!”

Forward this blog to our friends, to proves that consumer is not stupid!…

More reading about this issue:,+diamond,+lcd,+yellowish+tint&btnG=Search&meta=


HTC 太让我失望了!:(

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气死人了!!! HTC 尽然换了一个中了黄疸病,解像度又落后的 HTC Touch Pro 荧幕给我!

而且还强词夺理说这是因为不同的生产商会生产不一样的“有颜色荧幕”,原来 HTC 的品牌和品质是那么不值钱的!哪有人品质管理管成这样的!HTC 真的太让我失望了!:(

事情源于一个多星期前,我的 HTC Touch Pro 才用了两个月,就出了问题。滑动键盘开始与触屏不对齐,Touch Pro 的下半部(滑动键盘)开始偏向左移大约2MM,然后触屏右下角开始翘了起来,电池也非常易热。我就赶紧送去 HTC 在马来西亚的代理商“SIS”总行去修理。等了整整一个星期之后,他们说已经帮我换了整个屏幕,但滑动键盘方面暂时没有零件存货,说一必须等过了农历新年之后再回来换过,所以我就去先拿回我的心爱的 Touch Pro。检查之后,就问他为什么荧幕黄黄的,好像那些老旧电视的荧幕,颜色暗淡,而且解像度也变差了一大载,HTC Touch Pro 是拥有四倍更佳的荧幕解像度,在我之前的荧幕是成立的,而且真的比过,是市场的佼佼者,但这新的也差太远了吧!?又黄,又淡,又不清不楚!只需稍微斜视一点,看起来就好像那些旧的 LCD 电脑屏幕一样,画面变得不清不楚。而我就问那服务员,那女的说这是没办法,这是 HTC 来的原装货,还拿了另外一架新的的一批原装 Touch Pro 给我看,哇!全部都是这样的!我的天啊!难道 HTC 的策略是丢大本钱去搞好第一批,之后就的就收紧口带,能省就省,不理品牌与品质了吗?!!

辩论了了半天,我说如果是这样我宁愿换回我之前的荧幕,她说不能,已经送去做报告了。我看那女的也是无辜的,也无能为力了。除此以外,那新的荧幕与方向键与的接口处也接不对口,她说只能帮我把这搞好,下午就会好,至于荧幕嘛。。。绝对无能为力,劝我直接写信给 HTC,我的妈呀!难道 SIS 只负责卖 HTC 产品来赚钱,不负责 HTC 品牌和售后服务?!

在没有办法之下,最后只好又后悔又气馁的离开。。。(真的时运不是很好,屋漏偏逢连夜雨,下午回去拿我的“破碎的” Touch Pro 时,还下了课非常恐怖的大雨,把我整个人给变成了落汤鸡,跑进车里后,整个滴滴答答的身体坐在车里顿了很久,很后悔,很无助,有种很悲哀的感觉在心里纳闷。。。是种“被骗的感觉”。原来我是傻瓜,傻瓜才会花整三千块马币去买 HTC 的手机,而且还比美国贵出大约百多块美金左右(注:美国大约六七百块美金)。回到家里,还不死心,希望通过软件来救回我的 Touch Pro,哪知不找还好,原来不只我而已,还有很多不同国家的也出现了问题,而且 HTC Diamond 也有同样的问题,已经在在去年年中 HTC Diamond 刚发行不久,这问题就已经存在了!HTC Diamond 和 Touch Pro 都有这个问题! 那 HTC 为什么到现在都还没解决呢?不会是看我们马来西亚消费者好欺负,把人家不要的版本丢来这里吧?!?!

因为我只有一架 Touch Pro,所以这里有一些网上找到的图片来做个新旧版本比较,大家来评评理吧!(注:相信我,如果真的现场比较,你会发现比你现在所看的还严重!)




(下方是第一批货,上方是之后的新货。 )


新的一批的荧幕 – 黄黄的!暗淡的!朦胧的! 


不只是我,还有很多人!HTC 你在搞什么鬼啊!?!?!


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这幅也是多年前(2004)尝试的一个 Vector Art 作品。 在此和大家分享分享。




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再重新整理部落格时,发现很久以前做的一个作品,大约是二零零四年吧,那时真的是被飞儿乐团的第一个专辑给迷上了,漏夜做的一个 Vector Art。回想当初,还真的很会挤出时间来做自己喜欢的东西。不知几时又有时间给下一个 Vector Art 呢?

HTC Touch Pro 的十大缺点

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其实整体来说, Touch Pro 真的让我又爱又恨,矛盾非常,有点再上一个评论已经讲了,缺点嘛。。。有一些还算是可以了解和接受的,但有些嘛。。。就。。。唉。。。这里就讲讲我个人比较不能接受的缺点吧!
  1. 价钱太贵。
  2. 品质差劣。
  3. 超迟钝与不稳定。
    不知这是该怪 HTC 还是微软,虽然 HTC Touch Pro 拥有蛮高的硬件设备,但日常使用时,有时会遇到当机以及操作不稳定。除此以外,Touch Pro 也和 Diamond 一样,如果完全用原厂的设置,怪迟钝的,幸亏从 XDA-Developers 学了几招,调整了几下,也变得比较顺了(迟些和大家分享这些调整细节)。
  4. 易热。
    我和其他人一样,也觉得 Touch Pro 太容易热了,充电也是,使用导航系统也是,看戏听歌也是,就算是普通操作用久了也会,用了那么多手机,还第一次有这恐怖的感觉。。。最热时,放在手中觉得热,放在脸呢就觉得有点烫。(*后记:HTC帮我检查了之后,他们说一起正常,你说呢?!)
  5. 耗电快。
    这也是很多人的不满之处,都已经说是“PRO”了,也就是说买者在生活上是需要,也是一定,将会频繁的使用,但说真的,Touch Pro 的耗电量,还蛮惊人的。像我每天早上充完电,上班后也只是打打电话(一天大概十通电话吧,大约一两分钟一通),查查电邮,有时会拍拍照,晚上临睡时,通常都已经剩下十巴仙左右。我不知大家的经验,对我来说,以前用过 P800 和 P910i,好像不觉得耗电有这么快。
  6. 触屏意外接听/拒绝来电。
    其实 Touch Pro 配来的手机套,起初对我来说还蛮喜欢的,有创意,又简单。但因为手机套把手机包得紧紧的,所以有时来电时就会误触屏幕上的接听或拒绝。
  7. 机身没有相机快键。
    Touch Pro 机身左右上,除了加减音量以外,就没其他按键了。其实我真的很奇怪,因为相机快键已经算是一个不可缺少的设计,之前的 HTC 产品如 Touch, Touch Dual, 等等,都有,为什么现在却舍弃它呢?怪不方便的。
  8. 非自动与没力的闪光灯。
    Touch Pro
    是备有光感应器的,为什么不加上在光线不足时自动开启闪光灯的功能呢?还有,LED 闪光灯是可以省电,但也太没力了,光线不足要拍照时时,像个抓痒似的,更本帮不上忙。
  9. 容易误按的左右D-Pad。
    尝试多次去用那设计又狭窄又奇怪的方向键,很多次都会不小心误按错。按左边呢,就会误按主页键或拨电键;按右边呢就会误按回键或拒绝键。其实,很希望我的方向键就像 Touch, Dual, Viva, Touch 3G, 等等一样,有个浮凸的框,这样会方便很多很多。
  10. 很不方便的售后服务中心。
    最后希望 SIS 和 HTC 生意兴隆,再开多几间服务中心吧!现在全马来西亚只有区区 Shah Alam 一间,太可怜了吧?(*后记:听说槟城会这个月开多一间,加油哦!)
好了,说了那么多“坏话”,也只是 “爱之深,责之切” 啊!,希望 HTC 可以加把劲,越做越好,为我们亚洲人在手机业分一杯羹!


HTC Touch Pro 的十大亮点

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从买了 Touch Pro 那天算起,也将近一个多月,其实整体来说有好有坏,有蛮多喜欢的地方,也有蛮多讨厌的地方,先在这里讲讲它的十大亮点吧!为了公平起见,迟些我会补上它的“十大缺点”。如果你正考虑买个 Touch Pro 或 Diamond, 那你两个评论一定都要看。
  1. 高解析度的荧幕
    Touch Pro 和 Diamond 一样,搭载 2.8 吋的触控式荧幕,解析度是 VGA 级,这比起比一般手機荧幕(QVGA = Quater VGA)高出四倍。
    *后注:可是后来因为拿去修理,HTC 却换了个令我失望非常的荧幕给我,太离谱了!

  2. 隐藏性与滑动式的QWERTY键盘
    如果你和我一样常使用手机来做记录,回复电邮,聊天,写写东西,那 QWERTY 键盘实在是不可缺少的。Touch Pro 隐藏性滑动键盘让它的触屏拥有有更大的空间,不像 多数BlackBerry 的产品,屏幕因为键盘的存在关系而小很多,当然这是见仁见智的东西。值得一提的是,键盘也备有独立的数字按键,不像有些其他同类产品需多按住 “Fn” 键来输入数字那么麻烦。但也是因为这样,键盘也就多加了一列而变成了五列 (注:多数同类产品是四列设计,如TYTN II)。虽然有五列的键盘设计让每一个按键比其他同类键盘来的小一点。但出奇的是打字时却不会显得太拥挤或不好按,这可能是因为浮凸的按键设计,拥有不错的触感,打字时还蛮轻松顺手的,所以多加一列按键的决定是对的。除外,Touch Pro 的键盘也备有蛮多方便的功能快键如:上网,通信管理 (Communication Manager), 输入设置 (Input Setting) , SMS/MMS,Email ,等等。

  3. 备有磁性触笔(Stylus)
    这对我来说是蛮好的设计,因为有时写字写到一半时,突然要拿东西,就得把触笔给插回去,然后又再拔出来用,怪麻烦的。但有了这磁性设计之后,就可以暂时把触笔吸附在机身旁,这样就方便很多,而且吸的还蛮稳的。除此以外,Touch Pro 的触笔还有两个不错的小功能,其一就是如果手机在锁机状态,你突然想要写写东西,你只需把笔给拉出来,手机会自动解锁和启动屏幕。其二就是,如果你正在通着电话然后需要写下一些刚谈到的资料,你只需把笔给拉出来,Touch Pro 就会自动开启笔记程式 (Notes) 和电话扬声器,让你可以在保持通话状态同时做笔录。

  4. 有觸控感應的導覽控制(D-Pad)
    除了基本的硬键(接听,结束,主页,回键与方向键)以外,Touch Pro 与 Diamond 一样,都具备了类似 iPod 的触控感应圈,你只需在触控感应圈上顺时或逆时滑动就可上下捲动页面,缩放字体大小。其次就是,触控感应圈中间的按钮也是拍照时的自动对焦功能,轻触按钮就自动对焦,按下去才是拍照。还有让我蛮欣赏 HTC 的就是他们常有一些赏心悦目的小小创意,如感应圈的灯圈设计,不同的灯光显示效果代表着不同的讯息,比如:移动的灯圈表示正在充电,灯圈亮着不动代表完成充电,闪烁的灯圈表示提醒你有短讯,电邮或未接来电等等。

  5. 光感应器(Light Sensor)
    现在蛮多的高等级产品都设有光感应器,比如苹果高等级笔记电脑可以自动在缺光的状态下启动键盘灯等等。Touch Pro 的光感应器好处包括接通电话时,只需将手机贴近耳旁,就会自动将触屏暂时关闭,以免脸颊或耳朵误触屏幕的按钮。此外,光感应器还可根据环境亮度自动调整屏幕的亮度,来调适它的显示度,比如在大太阳底下或黑夜时,让荧幕显得清楚,这个设备也免去了不必要的耗电。

  6. 内建动作感应器 (G-Sensor 或 Accelerometer)
    *加入水平垂直画面,Calibration & Teeter Game 图像
    这也是我蛮喜欢的亮点之一,Touch Pro 具有内建动作感应器,有了这感应器,其中一项优点就是当你在游览网页或观赏相片时,画面会依据你握持的方向自动转向。除此以外,Touch Pro 还备有一个对我来说很体贴的设计,就是当来电铃声响起而你暂时不方便接电话时,你只需将 Touch Pro 翻转,面朝下方,铃声就会停止,直接了当,但又具创意的一个设计。另外,Touch Pro 也原厂配备了一个使用动作感应器的游戏,叫“Teeter”,就像我们小时候握在手里玩的“水平线弹珠游戏”,用水平线的平衡度来控制里面的弹珠,这游戏简单又有趣,尤其在等人没事做时,可以打发时间,娱乐娱乐。还有值得一提的是,已经有越来越多人开发与动作感应器相关的软件和游戏了,迟些再和你们一一介绍。

  7. 多方面的行動与網路功能(GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA+ BLUETOOTH + WiFi + USB TV Out)
    有了这些功能设备,用户就可以很方便的透過 EDGE/3G/HSDPA 高速寬頻的來上网,不然也可用 Wi-Fi 連上當地的無線存取熱點來進行網站瀏覽。让人感觉就好象有个小小行动工作室一样。加上有了 TV-Out*的设备,這一切甚至都不需要透過筆記型電腦来執行你的 PowerPoint 简报(*注:需要另买一条TV-Out 傳輸線,原厂不配备的。)

  8. 內建 GPS 芯片
    Touch Pro 具有內建的 GPS 芯片, 如果搭配地图软件使用,点指之间就可得到最精確詳實的路線規劃導航,这对于我这常迷路的人来说,简直是 “救命恩人” 啊!有了这,不论是去开会或和老婆去远行,都不怕找不到地方啦!(注:而且还会警告你哪里有超速照相机呢!哈!)

  9. 美丽与智慧并重的 TouchFLO 3D
    TouchFLO 3D引进了很多3D化的介面,與前代之TouchFLO 系统有很大不同,除了有很多赏心悦目的介面设计和丰富的 3D 动画效果以外,指触上的操控强化了很多。整体来说,它是由一個可觸控滑動的橫棒来操控,橫棒上将主要的功能分门别类,如:首页、人物、讯息、电邮、网际网络、相片及影片、音乐、气象、设定、程式。每个别类都有他们创意和方便之处。
    TouchFLO 3D 官方网页:

  10. 最后呢,我认为 Touch Pro 吸引人的原因,也是因为它的原装备带而来的软件群,比如: 微软的 Microsoft Office Mobile (内有 Outlook, Words, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote),让你就好象有架小电脑在手上一样。 还有无需开启游览器的 YouTube 软件,又方便有比较快速的观看YouTube 影片。 当然还有堪称当今世上最好的手机上网游览器 Opera Mobile,说真的,用了之后,我相信你也会拇指高举赞好!

好了,看完优点,是时候看看这了。。。HTC Touch Pro 的十大缺点

回报成功! 我的 HTC Touch Pro!

•十月 1, 2008 • 发表评论

考虑了好久好久,下了恒心,决定。。。买了! 回报成功! 我的 HTC Touch Pro!嘢!